Cork Skeptics

Promoting Reason, Science & Critical Thinking in Cork City & Beyond


Below is a short list of various skeptic-themed resources, incorporating books, podcasts, websites & blogs, and events & conferences.

If you are new to skepticism, you are bound to find something of interest in at least one of these links. The list will continue to grow as we discover and evaluate new sources, and if you have any suggestions for inclusion please leave them in the comments below.

Where practical, links are provided.


Demon Haunted World | Carl Sagan

Trick Or Treatment? | Simon Singh & Edzard Ernst

Bad Science | Ben Goldacre

Bad Astronomy | Phil Plait

The Selfish Gene | Richard Dawkins

Fads & Fallacies In The Name Of Science | Martin Gardner

Flim Flam! | James Randi

Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me) | Carol Tavris

Why People Believe Weird Things | Michael Shermer


The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe |

Skeptoid |

Rationally Speaking |

For Good Reason |

Little Atoms |

Skeptics with a K & InKredulous |


Skepticblog |

Skepchick |

Neurologica |

The Rogues Gallery |


Skepdic (Skeptic Dictionary) |

Pharyngula |

Why Evolution Is True |

Bad Astronomy |

Snopes |


The Amazing Meeting |

QED Con |


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