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Skeptics In The Castle

CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory

Skeptics In The Castle is our own unique variation on the very popular Skeptics In The Pub movement, in which skeptic groups regularly gather for drinks, chat and (often) a talk from a prominent member of the skeptic or science communities.

The venue for these meetings is CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory, a science and astronomy outreach centre located just outside Cork city centre. The Castle—a 16th Century edifice recently converted into a world class observatory—is a fantastic venue for these talks; it boasts a state-of-the-art theatre, as well as adjoining bar and restaurant facilities.

Our thanks to the folks at the Castle for all their help and support!

We will also be organizing more informal get-togethers at regular intervals, in the City proper, for those who would prefer a few drinks, chat and skeptical discourse! Keep an eye on the site, our Twitter feed, or Facebook page for details of all upcoming events.

We hope to see you at our next meeting!

How Do I Get To Blackrock Castle Observatory?

Coming from the city, take Albert Quay onto Victoria Road. Take a left at the Victoria Road roundabout, onto Centre Park Rd. Follow this all the way down to the Marina, turn left at the end of the Marina onto Castle Rd., and continue up Castle Rd. until you see the Castle on your left. It’s hard to miss.

If you’re relying on public transport, take the #2 bus to the Pier at Blackrock, then a short walk up Castle Rd. will get you there.

More extensive directions can be found on the Castle’s website.

Jet pack pilots should note that the landing pad is currently closed for repairs, so alternate arrangements should be made.


20 thoughts on “Skeptics In The Castle

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    Please look at this article and video re GM seeds, crops and Monsanto’s legal agreement with farmers.
    It is shocking.
    Please share.


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