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Help needed: Proposed bill to crack down on fake cancer treatments

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Irish patients have completely inadequate legal protection from fake cancer treatments or quack “cures”. Many people have fallen foul of snake-oil peddlers and alternative medicine healers, promising to cure them of their ailments in a “natural” or “side effect free” manner. Such promises rarely work, and vulnerable patients can be diverted down costly blind-alleys, while time ticks away on their treatment options.

Ireland is a hotbed of phoney healers luring vulnerable people into alternative medicine

A new bill is being proposed by Kate O’Connell TD to address this problem. She is getting a huge amount of push-back from various alternative medicine lobby groups, who are  raising all kinds of spurious objections to the proposed bill. Some of the methods used verge on intimidation and bullying. They are clearly worried.

TD says she has received ‘stratospheric’ levels of online abuse after new law proposal

For instance, we have heard that Claire Byrne Live will be discussing the new proposed anti-quack bill tomorrow (Monday) night on RTE1 at 1030pm. We have learned that the Irish Society of Homeopaths are appealing to their members to attend the show and to tweet during the show, so as to make it seem that homeopathy is a legitimate treatment, when it is nothing of the sort. We are asking our skeptically minded friends to please see if they can attend in person or if they can tweet during it to show support for evidence based medicine and a degree of legal protection that may help to alleviate the pressures that affect people with cancer.

Alternatively, please call or email your TD or local representative to show your support for this proposed bill.

Please feel free to share this message. While alternative cancer-cure practitioners have many supporters in Ireland, they work under loose or non-existent regulatory regimes. We are also aware that many people’s lives have been turned upside-down by the actions of unscrupulous healers and alternative practitioners. Now is a chance to take action and to address the imbalance this has caused.

Claire Byrne Live contact details:

  • To book your seat….. CALL the office on 01-2083494 or E-MAIL us on
  • Web page :
  • Twitter:




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