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Video Blog: Professor John McInerney on Nuclear Radiation

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Last May, in the wake of the Fukushima crisis, we invited Professor John McInerney, from the UCC Physics Department, to speak to us about nuclear radiation.

The video is now online in full on our YouTube channel. It’s well worth watching. In his talk, Professor McInerney describes what radiation is, and recounts the biggest stories related to nuclear power generation. Later he talks about the future of nuclear power and what it might mean for Ireland.

First segment: What is Nuclear Radiation?

Second segment: Nuclear Power

Our Writeup of the meeting last May.


One thought on “Video Blog: Professor John McInerney on Nuclear Radiation

  1. Very informative. I recently had discussions with a Japanese-American teenager on his views on the future of nuclear power, considering recent events in Japan. I was impressed. I would encourage including teenagers and involving them in the planning process of future energy planning. They have creative ways to process information and with social media, a collective approach towards planning.

    As a biologist, my sincere request would be to always consider a biological safety program concurrently with energy planning. Having biologists on board from the beginning will allow them to have research strategy in place for clean up issues. Sort of like insurance – you hope you never need it, but should you, it will be right there. We have the tools now in biology to play that role.

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