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No. It’s not a UFO.


Halloween is on its way and the usual reports of strange lights in the sky will inevitably start to surface. If you see eerie orange lights above the city on the run up to Monday night, it is likely that you will be seeing Chinese Lanterns.

Here’s a video  from Poznán, Poland, showing many hundreds of Chinese Lanterns being launched into the sky.


2 thoughts on “No. It’s not a UFO.

  1. I saw one of them a few weeks back. Very pretty but made me look twice to make sure it wasn’t zipping around or doing anything unusual!

    Several years ago I managed to photograph what was probably a meteor over the Northside. The photo was a long exposure and the next image didn’t show it so made for a fun post on my blog. 🙂

  2. Great post – you know what they say: “The Truth Is Out There!”

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