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No. It’s not a UFO.

Halloween is on its way and the usual reports of strange lights in the sky will inevitably start to surface. If you see eerie orange lights above the city on the run up to Monday night, it is likely that you will be seeing Chinese Lanterns.

Here’s a video  from Poznán, Poland, showing many hundreds of Chinese Lanterns being launched into the sky.



Spooky Skeptics In The Castle! We Talk Ghosts, Ghouls and Monsters…

Ghost Hunters Inc. — Friday 21 October 2011

Halloween beckons, and Cork Skeptics is responding with a meeting of ghosts, spirits, monsters and the eerie world of the paranormal!

Guiding us through this arcane world are two experts on the subject: Hayley Stevens and Ash Pryce have cast a skeptical eye on many cases of strange hauntings. Their stories are often more interesting than the original tales themselves.

Also joining us is Patrick Fisher, president of our sister club YYJ Skeptics, from Victoria, Canada. Patrick will tell us about alleged cryptids such as Bigfoot and Cadborosaurus.

Patrick, Ash and Hayley will be joining us via Skype. It promises to be a fascinating meeting!


The talk will start at 8.00pm on Friday 21st October, at Blackrock Castle Observatory.

It is free to attend, and all are welcome. For directions to Blackrock Castle, see our Skeptics In The Castle information page. We hope to see you there!