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Q: What’s better than a story about aliens over Russia?

A: A story about mystery female cat-like aliens over Russia’s diamond capital of course.

The story is reported in the Daily Mail, so that already proves that the story is true beyond all reasonable doubt.

The only facts that you can really glean from the story is that a Russian aviation employee in Yakutsk’s air traffic control seems to have had an anomaly appear on radar that they could not identify as a legitimate flight. The fact that it is unidentified certainly makes this a UFO, however it does not mean that it can be assumed it is a craft of visitors from another world.

The solid gold money-shot has to be this quote:

“I kept hearing some female voice, as if a woman was saying mioaw-mioaw all the time”.

No sniggering please.

When examining stories like these skeptically, several questions need to be asked:

  • What evidence does anyone have apart from the report that there was a radar anomaly that the air traffic control monitor was unable to assign a valid flight number to?
  • How credible is the witness who reports hearing voices: could he have been mistaken, could he have been mischievously making it up?
  • Could the anomaly have been something else: private airplane, flock of birds, electronic malfunction, deliberate hoax?
  • Why is the story so short on real facts: no names, no dates, just vague references to some unspecified person somewhere and an anonymous month-old Youtube video that appears to have been filmed some time before hand?

Whether there is life out there is one question. Whether that life is capable of space-flight is entirely another. And whether space-faring aliens could travel to distant solar systems and buzz traffic control employees at relatively obscure airports is one that I would cautiously prefer not to affirm, in spite of the Mail’s assurance that “experts claim it is widely known”.

In the immortal words uttered by Squeaky Voiced Teen on The Simpsons“Keep watching the skis!”


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Pareidolia : Faces in Places

At the meeting last week, I talked about pareidolia and how our minds are hardwired to see faces in randomness. Many of the pictures were taken from an entertaining website called “Faces in Places” where inanimate objects seem to appear almost human.

While these pictures are funny, few people would associate anything particularly miraculous about them. There is a class of visual illusions that dominate the media however, and this is religious pareidolia. Some of the most widely reported examples of pareidolia are situations where the object or picture resembles a religious figure, such as Jesus or the Virgin Mary. The following examples are taken from the website “Nothing to do with Arbroath“, which keeps a tab on such things.Keep in mind that these examples have been reported in just the last two months alone.

I’ll put up more examples of pareidolia as I find them. Meanwhile I’ll close with my favourite example from the meeting: Buzz Lightyear.

via (The Telegraph)